Winter Kings League Has Begun!

7th January, 2018 was the first day of the Winter Kings League series that received an overwhelming response. We are pleased to announce yet another new tournament series from PokerMet. The place where kings play, this time with standalone poker tournaments announces an online gaming tournament  . We will host both No Limit Texas Hold ‘em as well as Pot Limit Omaha in this series as Poker tournament Online.

Details of the Game:

Winter Kings League series will host 12 individual tourneys which will have no bearing or ranking relations with each other. Each tournament promises an incremental GTD amount starting from the first one of 20K with Coronation. However, due to overwhelming response from our players we were pleased to raise our last night’s prize-pool to a whopping INR 32K that was divided as per ranking to 53 players who made it “into the money”.

To participate in the WKL tournaments you must simply login to your PokerMet account with your existing credentials and register for the on-going tournament with the requisite buy-in amount. However, there is one other way to register and play at the Winter Kings League. One can choose to pay an amount of INR 21K with the code WKL21 before 20th January, 2018 and they can will tickets to play the entire league for all 12 tourneys. The cumulative buy-ins for all 12 tournaments in the series forms INR 31,682, but with this unique code and a lump-sum deposit one will get to play the league at 10K discounted buy-in.

Upcoming Tournaments:

The upcoming tournament for the series is Knighthood, which is dated to be held on 14th January, 2018. This is also a Sunday at 10:00 PM sharp. Late registrations for the entrants are allowed till 88 minutes after the hands have begun. The 12th tourney Enthrone will be held at 25th March, 2018. Daily satellite tournaments are also being hosted for entering into the league at a much lower cost. There are regular step satellites are held at 5:30 PM daily, with the total buy-in of 300 + 15 (entry fee) (R+ A) = 315/-. Players who win the step satty are given free tickets to participate at Main Satty hosted 9:00 PM every day. On winning the Main Satty players are given a free ticket to the weekly tournament.

One can also choose to enter the Main Satty on its own by paying INR 2900 + 261 (entry fee) = 3161/-, winning which will automatically give you a free seat to the upcoming tournament in the league for the week.

For more announcements on the Winter Kings League or daily online poker news India keep following Poker tournament Online.

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