Victor Lemos signs in with PokerMet’s team pro as we countdown to launch!

Yes, you read that right! PokerMet is all set to launch today as we welcome the fourth team pro poker star Victor Lemos, the popular name in poker in Panama. Ranked 3rd in Panama’s All Time Money List with the global poker index ranking of 17,371st and total live cash earnings of USD 257,422 Victor has signed in as the fourth Team Pro Player for us as we begin the last minute countdown to our launch.

Claim To Fame

Victor claimed his first SCOOP victory, bagging a hefty win of USD 74,988, which he won playing the USD 215 No-Limit Hold ’em Knockout event. Before the SCOOP win, he had won a WCOOP win just the year before in the event USD 320 No-Limit Hold ’em. The knockout was structured in a way where players would have the feasibility to collect USD 103 for each and every bounty they earn at the end of each run.

While Panama was never really considered as the ultimate poker destination, but this one poker player has turned several heads around and is truly emerging as the next poker superstar especially in the online field. Victor has already garnered his second SCOOP title for the series of 2015 which is his third SCOOP overall. He won his second SCOOP title with a massive win in the USD 2,100 Stud Hi-Lo which was Event #28-H. he also has an impressive victory at the 2015 Spring Championship of Poker, at the Event #31-H.

Victor Lemos Pokermet Team Pro

It is evident that the poker industry is not only prospering to its full potent, but is also crossing borders as it becomes a more mainstream sport. So, with this exciting association we reached out to our Panama-based poker pro to give us a few insights on his poker life and the poker scene in Panama, here are a few excerpts from his interview. You can read the full interview at PokerGuru…

When asked how he got into poker from his real estate career, Victor said – “I have played poker since forever now. I think my earliest poker memory is playing with my grandma at age 5 or 6. My family also used to play Telefunken a rummy-style game on the weekends occasionally, which later transformed into poker for me and my cousins. However, serious poker only started after I came home from college and played online for the first time and loved it, turns out I was pretty good too.”

Victor Lemos Pokermet team pro

Victor also told us humbly, that despite being a serious poker player he still finds time to pursue other interests in life and suggests his life has hardly changed, “my life hasn’t changed much; I love poker but I still manage to have time for different business ventures, along with quality time for family and friends.”

Our hopes with Victor and how he adds value to PokerMet Team Pro

With such a rich background in poker and great wins and titles to his name, Victor Lemos is an asset for PokerMet team pro. He is a serious global poker figure with great stats to his name and amazing poker skills.

Regarding the new addition to our pro team, PokerMet MD Aditya Das said, “Victor is a serious international poker figure with great poker stats to his name and amazing gameplay skills. While he may be a new face amongst the Indian poker community, but he is not unknown to ardent poker enthusiasts and there is a lot to learn from his poker skills! May many more victories come to Victor!”

We wish Victor continues with his winning streak at poker and hope that, aspiring players who wish to play high stakes poker tournaments in India would have the chance to learn important lessons in poker by watching him play.

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