The Evolution of Modern Poker & It’s Phenomenal Rise in India

Poker is one of the fastest growing mind sports in India today. With the growing demand for the game and mushrooming online and live poker rooms, it looks like the Indian poker scene is getting bigger and grander by the day. But what are reasons behind this phenomenal growth of poker in India? Today we take a look at the origins of poker and how it has become one of the most popular games in India.

What is Poker?

Poker is a globally popular card game which involves individual play & betting. Several poker tournaments are organized worldwide with numerous professional and recreational players participating in it. The skill-based card game is played with a pot where the dealer offers 3 cards to the players and everyone invests a certain amount of money in to the pot. If you own the highest combination of the cards then you will win the hand and the prize money. With the growing popularity of poker in India, now you can choose to play the game either live or online.

Although most people believe that you need luck to win at poker, but it requires effective poker skills. Being successful in poker largely depends on how efficiently you develop poker tournament strategy, conduct mathematical calculations, observe your opponents and analyze their reactions on your decisions.

A Quick History of Poker

Did you know that written records show that card games were first played in a1377? John of Rheinfelden, a Swiss Monk first recorded a card game played with a deck of 52 cards in 1377. This seems to be the first documented history of a card game. However, it is a bit more difficult to trace the origins of poker. Some experts believe that poker was derived and adapted from either the Indian card game of “Teen Patti” or the Persian game “As Nas” or even the French game “Poque”.

After conducting an extensive research, I have observed that modern poker shares several similarities and phrases with 2 specific games, the Indian game Teen Patti and the old English game Brag. Similar to poker, Teen Patti is also played with a 52 card deck and includes betting rounds. The terms and hand rankings used in this game is highly similar to what we see in poker today.

The English game Brag is also very similar to Teen Patti but includes many of the modern poker terms like pot, flush, blind etc. This game also had similar card ranking and betting rules and was usually played in three variations with 3, 4, or 5 cards dealt to the players. Moreover, Brag also included the act of bluffing which is mostly unique to poker.

Original versions of poker were known as the “The Lying Game” as explained in a writing from 1829 by Joseph Crowell. The title poker probably originated from the French card game ‘Poque’ around that time. It is also a possibility that it was derived from the expression ‘Poche’ used in German card games as several cheats and frauds played cards and “poke” was the slang for stealing. Most experts of the game believe in the “Poke” theory as the word is very similar to Poker and describes ‘The Lying Game’ or ‘The Cheating Game’. Eventually Stud Poker evolved from such card games and become a globally popular game.

Origin of Modern Poker

The modern Texas Hold’em Poker game was invented around 1925 in…surprise….Texas! According to the Texas state legislature, Texas Hold’em Poker was first invented and hosted in a little town called Robstown. As Stud Poker games were not able to accommodate too many Texas ranchers who wished to play poker games, Texas Hold’em was discovered so that all the players could be dealt their cards. However, the game was not too popular initially even though both seasoned veterans and new players liked this new version of poker. Texas Hold’em Poker became popular only after it was hosted in tournaments like the World Series of Poker & the World Poker Tour.

Rise of Poker in India

India is a fascinating country and we Indians are usually renowned for our exceptional work ethic & intelligence. India’s 1.2 billion people have a unique zest for life which makes us seek new challenges and summit new peaks. This is perhaps why more and more Indians today, be it college students, young professionals and even most of the general public are now taking up poker to channelize their resourcefulness & intelligence. Indian poker is a highly entertaining and exciting game that not only stimulates your mind but also allows you to earn big money. So there is no wonder that poker, and specifically online poker, was tailor-made for the young Indian population.

With success of various Indian poker pros at different national and international poker tournaments, our youths are now realizing that poker can be a serious career option for them and not just a game to pass their time. The game is growing in the country at an alarming rate with new online poker portals coming up every other day and with good reason. Today you can find millions of Indians who choose to play poker online India earning impressive amounts of cash.

With Nagaland, Goa, West Bengal, Nagaland and Sikkim legally categorizing Poker as a skill game, the poker industry is expanding exponentially. Although tournaments are unanimously popular among the players, online poker is also gaining good traction due to its easy accessibility and multiple tourneys.

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