Surprising benefits of online gaming

It is evident that video games have come a long way from the simple arcade titles of the 70s into more ambitious, challenging and complex games. But they do more than just offer unparalleled entertainment, there are amazing benefits of online gaming and are  known to improve hand-eye coordination and even help trigger neuroplasticity.
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Online gaming can help you be a better surgeon:

Do you think only reading up the latest research papers will help your surgeon make the right cuts? Then think again, playing online games can help surgeons perform better. A study of specialists of laparoscopy (small incision surgeries) showed that those who played challenging games like online poker freerolls for more than 3 to 4 hours a week performed better than their non-playing counterparts!

Complex online games may give you a career boost:

There are certain online games that rewards and encourage leadership traits and research has shown that this could to real life correlation in motivation in the real world career goals among players. Also improvising in a game can also translate into being fast on your feet during the time of official crises.

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Gaming improves your vision:

Sitting too close to the screen is bad for your eyes? Not quite. While notoriously known as a common parental refrain, scientists say otherwise. Research shows that playing online games that require long hours of focus and concentration in front of the screen like poker can help to improve your vision and does not strain eyesight.

Improve your social skills:

Online multiplayer games with real-world players typically encourage interaction between them and thus, can help form lasting friendships. While many think of gamers as insulated souls, but in many cases the opposite is true. Especially for interactive social games like poker tournaments, where a lot of social interaction takes place among a wide network of people with similar interests. Sometimes these games can also be catalysts in gathering friends in person who have met online.

Players make faster decisions:

Have you met someone with a surprisingly faster CPU than other humans? For many this ability to retrieve information and reach a faster decision is strengthened through gaming. In fact one study showed that players who are immersed in fast paced games are 25 times quicker in reacting to questions they had seen earlier, as compared to non-playing counterparts.
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  1. Ashley Turns says:

    My husband has been trying to convince me why it’s a good idea for him to start playing more than an hour of online video games and I thought I would finally see if his claims were real. So I appreciate you mentioning that actually sitting for hours in front of the screen while performing an activity that requires concentration and focus can help improve your vision. Since my husband has terrible vision already, I’ll have to start letting him play his online video games for a little while longer so that his eyesight might end up getting improved.

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