Shuchi Chamaria PokerMet Team Pro won $3105 WSOP2017 Millionaire Maker


Shuchi Chamaria along with a number of poker players from India are at a tight run inching deeper in the WSOP event USD 1500 Millionaire Maker.

Shuchi got out with respectable results of rank 662nd out of a long list of 7761 players. However, PokerMet is still rooting for the victory of Team India and is proud of Shuchi’s results.

The Indian Poker team’s running for the bracelet began into the Event #20 with Sumit Sapra with 121,300 followed closely by Raghav Bansal with 71,500, Aditya ‘Intervention’ Agarwal with 38,500 and Shuchi Chamaria with 34,600 starting at the Millionaire Maker.


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This is the first WSOP cash out for Shuchi, representing this year’s Team India at the WSOP and winning good cash in the event. Day 2 of the Event #20: $1500 Millionaire Maker will have Raghav Bansal, Sumit Sapra and Aditya Agarwal among the top 1,165 all set to chase the big money.

With such amazing developments in this year’s bracelet hunt, the nail-biting anticipation of fans can match the excitement of most award-winning climactic Hollywood movies.

Shuchi first witnessed said thrill of WSOP live, just a year ago back in 2016 when she took her trip to Vegas with her husband. She gave a very candid and objective outlook of how the exciting the poker movements of the holy grail of all poker events – the WSOP, can seem to an apparent outsider or a beginner poker player. She has since been practicing hard at her poker skills and her amazing leap to such a great result at this event is the perfect certification of her efforts!

Congratulations to Shuchi Chamaria and the rest of Team India and best wishes! May Team India bring another bracelet home and may poker in India be resurrected from the misunderstood shadows!

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