7 Awesome Reasons Why You Must Date A Poker Player

For women it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a decent guy who is reliable, faithful, caring and a gentleman. The factor of dating games are gradually becoming harder to keep pace with! Moreover, with new dating (ahem, hookup) apps coming in every other day, it is now getting a real challenge to get into a real relationship. So if you are a woman who is looking for a nice guy then let me tell you about a clan of men known as ‘Poker Players’ and why it is a good idea for you to date players of poker tournaments in India.

Yes, there are women who think it can be a bad idea to date poker players as they have an unusual job and are often not considered boyfriend material. Well, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee woman! Screw what you have been told earlier cause here are 7 good reasons why should start dating a poker player immediately-

Poker Players Make Great Boyfriends

Why? As they spend most of their time in front of a computer playing online poker freerolls & cash games without any real human interaction, they will always be delighted by your presence. They will be more than happy to hear about your day, your stories and problems and take you out frequently just to have a social life. Moreover, you will also find enough time to yourself as they will be usually busy grinding during their ‘work hours’.

They Are Faithful

If you are worried about your boyfriend being attracted to other women or cheating you, then dating a poker player is the best option for you. They spend most of their times grinding at the table, whether online or at live poker tournaments in India. Although there are some attractive female poker players present at most live events, your boyfriend would be too focused on winning the pot than hitting on other women.

Cool-Headed Dudes

They have excellent self-control and usually don’t lose their tempers easily. So no matter how annoying you think you might get, you cannot make him ‘tilt’. As a grinder, your poker playing boyfriend has faced the worst situations out there. From suffering bad beats to losing games where he was 99 percent sure he would win. So if he didn’t lose it then, he will not lose it with you for (for lack of a better word) nagging him. Trust me.

The Poker Lifestyle

Successful Indian poker players have a really amazing lifestyle that most people envy. From driving luxury cars to hanging out at the most hip and happening places. So if you have your eyes set on a very expensive dress or an exquisite piece of jewelry, then it will be no big deal for him. It will be just the cost of another buy-in.


Speaking of the poker lifestyle, most live poker tournaments in India and abroad are played in exotic and beautiful locations like Goa, Ireland, Las Vegas, Malta, the Bahamas, Macau etc. The winners of satellite tourneys are often offered live tournaments packages to such locations for the player & a companion. So are you ready for a trip to the Bahamas? Time to pack your bags!

Money Matters

Poker players are great with managing their money whether they have a winning or losing streak. A real pro player knows to effectively manage his bankroll and personal bank accounts. So when it comes to managing your money as a couple, he will be great at it without a doubt. When you can spend, you will. When you can’t, you simply won’t.

Smart & Intelligent

Do you think intelligence is sexy? Well, your new boyfriend makes his money by beating other really smart guys at a skill game. He deals with experts in the field who have studied and played the game for years and he is still successful at what he does. How is that for smart, intelligent and attractive?

Hope these will get you to consider poker players for your next date. Guys who play poker games are one of the best groups of men to date for any woman. So if you are looking for an awesome relationship, then a date a guy who plays poker for a living or just because he finds it  interesting.

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