PokerMet’s Friday Poker Night with GetNerdy a Hit Gala at Work!

Last Friday was a busy day for the team at PokerMet… we rushed to the designated venue for our corporate poker night at Unitech SEZ, New Town around noon. The cafeteria at the busy IT Company was booked for our event for the afternoon welcoming participation of all the employees as a fun way to celebrate TGIF at work after a long work week.

While the team anticipated the happy participation of roughly 30 people, we were completely bowled over with a crowd of almost 100+ awaiting excited participation. The HR department had been sending out invitations for the event for around 3 days requesting the employees to attend and putting the word out. But registrations were slow to begin with.

In fact, the Friday Poker Night was rescheduled to be held on the afternoon as the HR department worried nobody would wait after office hours to play! Even their lunch hours had to be cut 30 minutes shorter to accommodate ample tournament time for PokerMet and we feared hosting a poker tournament party for a group of disgruntled employees, sulking with an utter lack of interest. Neither did we want to bribe them with the lure of our gifts sponsored by, for people who did not care about the mind game of poker and only came for free food and beverage.

While still worried we worked according to plan and set up our kiosk for registrations to the gaming website. Soon enough the founder of GetNerdy our official event sponsor Mr. Siddhartha Nandi arrived with his team with the freebies. The first 1 and half hour passed eerily quietly and our fears were growing stronger. The office lunch time had passed and not a soul apart from the HRs and office-boys had peeped at the event arrangements now set to its full glory.

siddhartha nandi, pokermet event sponsor  pokermet game night
Joy Kr Das, our Business Development Manager and MC of the event prepared nervously for his announcement speech anticipating a heart-breaking lack of audience. But as the clock struck 2:30 PM, office lunch time wrapped to a close and eager faces started lining to a queue near the registration kiosk. Soon enough there were smiles plastered on the faces of the members of team PokerMet as we prepared to welcome our participants.

We continued to stress our message throughout the event about the amazing benefits of online brain games like poker. Amazingly enough the crowd started to expand, and was now standing some 130 strong and reaching the far end of the cafeteria entrances. Things had started looking good for a while now, but now they seemed overwhelmingly great!

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