Pokermet’s fierce battles on the table to own “The Throne”

. Post the successful first two weeks of Indian Poker’s Winter Kings League, “The Throne” was 3rd of the total 12 tournaments that saw some serious action on the tables on Sunday night, 21st January 2018 at 10 PM. The league surely seems promising with 9 more to go, offering incremental GTD increasing every Sunday.

A short Details:

The Throne of week 3 had a total of 172 entries; 53 were the ones who took home the cash. Buy-in amount for this one was INR 287.50 (250 as buy-in amount and 37.5 was the entry fee).  90 minutes slot for late entries. The top 5 players who won are VARUN12 with INR 8125/; CHECKBETFOLD with INR 5125; HINDU with INR 4000; TOXICATED with INR 3250 and JAC with INR 2125. The game offered Rebuys and add-on option. Thus enabling the players various second chances during their stack-out phases, stretching the game a little over 2:30 AM.

With the kind of excited players showed on the tables of this two card Indian Poker game, it was definitely worth it!
The next tourney of this league is on Sunday 28th January titled “Queen’s Guard”. The buy-in is INR 575 (R+A) with GTD 1 Lakh with 91 minutes option for late registrants. Just like the previous one, this too is NLH game, a preferred type for high risk takers. This version of the game allows player to bet any chip amount (depending on what he/she has on the table) at their turn.

Final Words:

If you wish to enrol for the upcoming tourney and be a part of this Indian poker strategy gaming, then visit official website or download our desktop or phone app (in case you haven’t registered on the website) and simply add the buy-in amount by going to my accounts page.
In case you guys missed our amazing announcement in our last tourney post, the final table of the last tournament will be held in Sri Lanka. PokerMet plans to take this Indian poker Company to international platforms.

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