PokerMet Team Pro Anil Adiani Made it To WPT India Main Event Final Table!

Our Team Pro Anil Adiani is well-known amongst the national poker circuit as a big risk taker. He is confident when it comes to his poker stakes. He made us all proud with his amazing action at the Main Event final table at World Poker Tour India. The event was held yesterday at 13th November, 2017. Let’s take a look at the Poker tournament strategy.

About the Event:

The WPT India edition is currently on in its full swing at the lux Deltin Royale Goa; the Main Event (INR 55,000) of the series began on Friday 10th November, 2017 and got over on Monday 13th November, 2017, yesterday. The final table for the event began at 4 PM and went on till late at night.

Goa has been at the height of poker action this November with the World Poker Tour festival going on at the Deltin Royale. Arjun Arora finished runner-up at WPT India Main Event for an amount of INR 39, 47,000 at level 32. The blinds were 80,000/ 160,000 with ante of 20,000. He was playing heads up against Vikas Mantri who had earlier won a massive pot and gained chip-leadership. Soon enough in the game, Arjun doubled up and then again won another large pot. However, at the final hand where the flop showed 8-3-9, then the turn showed Qs. On the flop both the players checked, at the turn Vikas made a bet of 300k and Arjun raised it to 750K on which Vikas called. The river showed 4s, where Arjun went all-in and Vikas called snap.

At a Glance:

Vikas had 3-8 in his hole cards and Arjun was holding onto J-6. This led to Vikas winning the pot with 2 pairs and Arjun finishing at the humble second place at the WPT India Main Event.
PokerMet Team Pro Anil Adiani went out in 5th place for a handsome INR 14, 80,000. The blinds at the hand were 60,000/ 120, 000 and the ante 20,000. Anil Adiani went all-in from Under the Gun, Arjun Arora who later finished runner-up was at the Co and the Big Blind position had Manish Lakhotia who called. The hole cards in hands of the players were as follows: Anil Adiani – Ad-3h, Arjun Arora – As-7c, Manish Lakhotia – 5h-4h and the Board showed Qd-5c-Ks-3d-10s.

This allows Manish to claim the pot as the winner, which eliminated out team pro Anil Adiani at the 5th place of the Main Event with an amount of INR 14, 80,000 for him to take home, and Arjun Arora remained after losing around 530K to later play and claim the runner-up position. Manish Lakhotia later finished 3rd for INR 25, 20,000 after being eliminated by Arjun at the blind level 60,000/120,000.

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