PokerMet is the official online partner for Hifi Tour – Win Your Tickets

Team PokerMet is proud to announce online gaming partnership with the Hifi Tour of poker, hosted by the Indian Poker Association (IPA Kolkata). PokerMet is the official online partner of Hifi Tour wherein we will be sending 10 guaranteed poker champions to the events in the poker tournament in India with minimum investments and all the poker thrills!

A little about Hifi tour:

The dates for Hifi Tour are 22 – 26, June 2017. The venue is IPA Kolkata, 20 G park street ,Myx 700071 Calcutta, for 1 million GTD prize pool. There are two days of main events, Day 1 is 5K Warm up on 23rd June and Day 2 is 25K Main Event on 24th June.

Your chance to win big but spend less

As poker game online partners for Hifi Tour at IPA, Kolkata, Pokermet is hosting online satellite events with competitive buy-ins (starting as low as INR 55) wherein you stand a chance to win a ticket to Hifi Tour’s poker events.

What does our ticket to Hifi Tour include:

Our ticket to Hifi Tour comes in a glorious package of INR 50,000* (30k + 20k for travel and accommodation expense), all of which will be paid by Team PokerMet, along with additional perks for being a champion poker player who have won their way into the tour all courtesy of PokerMet!

*For Kolkata-based players , our ticket will only include the entry amount (30K) for Hifi tour.

*For Out-Station players, the ticket includes 50K – 30K entry amount + 20K for travel & accommodation

Details of Hifi Tour Satellite Events at PokerMet:

The online satellite matches at PokerMet will start from 14th June onwards and will continue till 22nd June. Players can either participate in our Step Satty (satellite) event, One Hand Satty or a single Main Satty event to win the aforementioned golden ticket to Hifi Tour.

Additionally one may also deposit an amount of 5000/- to win a seat to a single main satty.


Our Satty Structure:

hifi tour, satellite, poker

Schedule for the main satellite events:

hifi tour, satty event, poker, pokermet
For Details on Step Satty, One Hand Satty and 5K Deposit deals, please check schedule mentioned in


The 5K Deposit amount to get free seat to 2100 main satty is a locked amount and can only be withdrawn once you generate 500 VIP points. Play poker online in India with PokerMet and win big!


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