Poker Secrets Revealed: 8 Must Read Poker Secrets

What do you need to become a legendary poker pro? You play for hours online, you have read most of the best poker books, watched hours of poker tutorials on YouTube still you are not being able to reach your true poker potential. Why?

In poker, as you have a very small edge over others you will need to utilize every bit of advantage available at your disposal just to survive. Pro Indian poker players know how to boost their chances and reduce their risks in every poker situation. So here I am going to reveal some closely guarded secrets used by the best players to win more money at the table. Read on…

One Word: Practice

What kind of a secret is this? Although it may the most common advice you can get but that does not reduce the importance of PRACTICE one bit. Improving your poker skills constantly is imperative. This will help you understand that no poker tournament is alike. Every tourney has a different structure, environment and players of different skills. The more you practice and play live freeroll poker tournaments, the better your kills will be. It’s that simple.

Play Tight In The Beginning

When you play a tight game at the start you will be able to sit back later on and observe the game. You can also study each player and learn from their mistakes. However, it is equally important that you know when to loosen up your game. When players start getting dumped, blinds will come more often. As the game moves forward, folding a hand will cost you higher. Moreover, if you play tight continually, then your opponents notice you.

Do Not Call. Raise Or Fold Instead

This can be a difficult trick to implement in practice when you play poker games. However, you should try to follow this secret tip as much as possible. Did you know calling is the poorest decision you can make in poker? It simply shows passive play. Make sure to avoid making calls like you would avoid an ex-lover. If you have a good hand then either raise or bet to take the lead or otherwise simply fold.

Continuation Bets

If you don’t keep making continuation bets it will be like announcing you skipped the flop. Identify your opponents who are really observant and make c-bets against them. However, be careful about calling stations. Make sure not to bet higher or lower than about 70-80 per cent as it can make you either too transparent or portray you as a bluffer.

Position Is Crucial

It is only by making the most of your position you will be able to rake in more money as position can be more vital than hole cards. When in position make sure to bluff and just fold when out of position. Moreover, take advantage of every available opportunity to create pressure on your rivals at the table.

Be A Bluff Master

I am sure you know what bluffing is and how important it is in poker. But keep in mind that you should never bluff just because you can. A real bluff master knows it is effective in certain situations and against certain people. However, the success of your bluff largely depends on the way you played your last few hands.

Smart Bankroll Management

Managing your bankroll smartly is one of the most crucial aspects of being a successful poker pro. I have seen numerous pros playing wildly and becoming bankrupt. Make sure you play higher limits only when you have good hands and stick to lower limits when losing. Play only those games that you can afford…ALWAYS!

In It To Win In It

When you play be honest to yourself and keep saying “I am here to win this”. I know a lot of players who play ‘just for fun’. Total BS. Everyone wants to win and make BIG money. However, they do not have the courage to follow through their wishes or are simply afraid to commit. This game is all about psychology and if you want to win the pot then have the winning attitude. Put in the effort and you will come out victorious.

There are many other poker secrets out there and that brings us to point number one: PRACTICE! The more you play poker in India the more you will learn about the game. But don’t worry! We will reveal more secrets in future just so you can get a step closer to becoming a poker legend. For now, develop your own strategy, play smart and be serious about the game.

Keep following us and keep playing on!

Good luck at the tables.

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