Poker and politics: Hillary Clinton’s poker skills during the debate has pros dazed

Poker pros go to great lengths trying to fine-tune their poker skills and who to follow better for the same than politicians?!

Pro poker players concur that the video-backed claims of Hillary signaling to the debate moderator to zing up Donald Trump is true.

Yes, even rookie poker participants know that poker involves certain body language cues that can act as their ‘tells’ or even be special signals! Hillary Clinton’s debate video analysis by poker players suggest that she had used ‘special signals’ to communicate with the moderator Lester Holt to fire up the discussion during the first presidential debate that was held on a Monday. This analysis was done by a four time world champion poker player, who did not to want to be named.

Recently a video was uploaded on YouTube that clearly shows what many have missed! The former Secretary of state Mrs. Clinton is seen curiously scratching her face multiple times during the 90-minute presidential debate. While they may seem completely coincidental and just like another far-fetched tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, but the poker pro suggests otherwise. The editor of the aforesaid published video says these special face scratching signals meant “Clinton wanted to evoke a ‘zinger’ into the debate which will help the discussion to move to her without changing the subject”.

The video also states that Clinton made special signaling gestures at Holt on six different occasions. Here’s how:

After her first nose scratch the video narrator claims that “it was a signal to Holt that Hillary wants to get her ‘taxes’ zinger in when Trump talks about USA being in debt”.

Here she is at it again…

And it goes on…

However, the reporters at claim that there was no such hand gesturing in the original video and the whole thing is rigged. To further analyze the claims made by the video author Mike Cernovich is known to have contacted another professional poker player for assisting him to analyze the hand signals claimed to have been made.

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Author: Pritha Biswas

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