The Poker Attraction: Why All Girls Love Poker Players

Ever wondered why so many pretty girls are attracted to poker players? Every time I have been to live poker tournaments in India, I have seen that the poker pros are usually thronged by a troop of stunning women going crazy just to get their attention. This is especially true if you play high stakes poker. Being a small stakes player, even I have experienced this special attention at times and let me tell you it does feel pretty awesome to be in demand.

Whether you play poker in India or abroad, women are always attracted to poker players. Of course, success is attractive for anyone. But there is something more about us poker players that make women go weak at the knees. So today we are going to take a look at why women find Indian poker players so attractive. I am pretty sure you are as eager to find out as I am. So here it goes….

We Look Smart & Snazzy

Looking classy and stylish is sort of effortless for any high roller. When you put on those flashy sunglasses and those swanky shoes, you look like the poker superstar that you are. But more than our physical appearance, women are attracted to our poker mindset which makes us appear more attractive. Our relaxed confidence is the true secret to our uber cool looks.

We Are ‘The Man’

We  are a rare tribe of alpha male who know how to mark their territory. When at the table, we know how to play poker games to win the pot. And that body language and confidence carries through the other facets of our lives. It is this confidence that attracts all the pretty ladies. They see us as the man of substance that we are. The king who leads the whole empire!

We Talk With Our Eyes

Being an Indian poker player, I know well how to look into the eyes of my opponents at the table and intimidate them with my stare. Like me, all poker players know how to maintain eye contact and do it right. When you look at her eyes with the same confidence and intensity, she can’t help but feel the butterflies in her stomach. Looking straight into her eyes will compel her to get out of that fake persona and expose her real self to you.

We Take Charge

Have you ever heard the phrase “all girls like bad boys”? Of course we are NOT bad in any sense but we do have that manly yet cool vibe that attracts women like crazy. Poker players tend to be dominant men who know how to lead whether at the table or in life. We not only take charge to shape our own lives but also manipulate the fate of our opponents at the game. This dominant attitude tells women that we are the gods amongst mortals. It shows women that we have what it takes to care for them, protect them and provide for them. In short, you ARE the man of her dreams.


We are the warriors of one of the greatest mind games ever, whether we play free poker online or live. We are always on the frontline fighting a battle between skill & chance. The players how to make bold and risky moves that can either make or break our games. It is this ability to take risks and face any challenge is what makes us a rare clan of men. This is why women consider poker players as a cut above the rest.

We Don’t Follow, We Lead

Poker players are not the kind of men who run after money or fame but the kind of men who are chased by opportunities, wealth, fame and the high life. High rollers and successful players do not run after materialistic things. We are not out there looking for a date. Poker pros are focused people who are always thinking about their next battle. It is this mindset and our hard work which brings us all the luxuries of life. And if that is not attractive to women, I don’t know what is.

These are only a handful of reasons why women simply love poker tournaments in India more than any other type of guys. I am pretty sure you can come up with many more reasons why even the most glamorous women go gaga about you.

So type away in the comment box below and share your own experiences and opinions on why you think women are attracted to poker players.



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