Why You Should Play Cash Games Over Tournaments

With more and more people taking up poker as their new favorite sport, most of us wonder if tournament poker or cash game poker is better. As each has their own benefits, pro players often prefer to play both. But which one is best for you? Today we are going to take a quick look at why you should play cash game while being interested in poker tournaments in India.

More Flexible

With cash games you have the option to choose how you play as it offers you a unique freedom unlike tournaments. As there are no time constraints, you can choose to play or leave your table anytime you want. Depending on your priorities, you can decide to play a 1 hour session or hustle for over 10 hours. Moreover, in cash games the buy-in is usually much lower than low-stake tourneys. And the best part is the risk factor is highly manageable as you can control your losses by leaving the table when you experience a losing streak.

Fewer Swings

Did you know cash games have fewer swings than tournaments? This is what makes it even more attractive to all Indian poker lovers. Even if you are an ace player, it is likely that you might experience a losing streak in tournaments. But in cash games unlike poker tournaments in India you will not lose too much money unless you have invested heavily in the pot.

Analytical Play

In cash games there is undoubtedly more scope for analysis. There is no need for you to worry about blind level increases or even pay jumps. Simply concentrate on your deep stack post-flop game, carefully study the other players at the table and outplay them to gather more stacks of chips.

Lower Bankroll

Most recreational and pro level players across the globe know that you need a way smaller bankroll for cash games than any tournament. As the buy-ins are smaller, you can utilize your bankroll to play free poker tournaments in a smarter way and win big.

Controllable Variance

If you have ever played poker then you must be familiar with variance and have even experienced it several times. Variance is the statistical distribution of outcomes over certain period which wavers your bankroll. With cash games, you can gain a bit of control over this variance. I believe the most effective technique to manage variance is for you to go down on the stakes. You can even leave your table the moment you feel you are having a bad run. You will not get such flexibility in tournament poker.

Which Should You Play?

Well, there you have it! Although there are many more reasons why I prefer to play poker cash games online over tournaments, what matters is what YOU want to play the most. As I said earlier, both tournaments and cash games have their own benefits so it actually comes down to your personal preference.

If you enjoy cash games then go for it. If you like tournaments more then play poker tournaments in India. When you enjoy the game, it provides a psychological boost which can actually help become a better poker player.

Which do you prefer? Do you think I am bit biased towards cash games? Then add to the discussion by commenting below.


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