All You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Poker Chips Set

Fancy a game of poker? Then it’s time you start thinking about investing in a good set of poker chips. Of course you can play with cash instead of chips in your home with friends and family but you simply wouldn’t get the feel of playing ‘real’ poker.

Let’s face it, the sound of poker chips clicking on table feel good, your opponent’s reducing stack of chips look good and the feel of chips in your hand makes you feel like a pro. So it only makes sense for you to get your very own poker chip set today. However, different types of Indian poker games require different types of chips. So before you head to the store and grab your set of chips, you need to know what type you poker chips you need to play your favorite poker game. So here goes…

How Many Chips Do You Need

You can buy poker chips either as a set or as individual chips. But make sure that you have enough chips for every player at the table. Hence, the quantity of chips to buy will depend on the number of players. If you want to organize live freeroll poker tournaments, then it will be wise to overestimate your poker chip requirement. It is always better to have more than you need rather than being short of poker chips. Here is a simple calculation you need to keep in mind for buying your poker chips:

  • 200 Chips (3 to 4 players)
  • 400 Chips (5 to 6 players)
  • 600 Chips (7 to 8 players)
  • 800 Chips (8 to 10 or more players)

What Color Of Chips To Buy

When it comes to color, it is wiser to stick with the industry standards so that your players don’t get confused. In any standard poker game, you will require chips of 4 different colors where the major chunk of your set will include the 2 lowest valued poker chips. Follow this color scheme for any level of play:

  • $1 or 1 Unit – White Chip
  • $5 or 5 Units – Red Chip
  • $10 or 10 Units – Blue Chip
  • $25 or 25 Units – Green Chip
  • $100 or 100 Units – Black Chip
  • $500 or 500 – Units Purple Chip
  • $1000 or 1000 Units Orange Chip

Once you have selected the primary color for each chip, you can also choose accent or secondary color that is found on the edge of the poker chips. These secondary colors increase the chip’s value.

Type Of Poker Chips

There are different types of poker chips that you can choose from depending on your budget to play poker in India:
Clay Poker Chips

These are the most high quality and expensive chips available in the market. Clay chips are mostly used in casinos and through compression molding. Clay chips are very easy to use and feel excellent in your hand. You can even mold specific designs into these chips.

Ceramic Poker Chips

Ceramic chips are mainly used in casinos as you can design them graphically with unique designs. The porcelain feels smooth in your hand and the chips are highly durable. Ceramic chips are also expensive but these stunningly decorated poker chips can add a new level to your home poker game.

Composite Poker Chips

These are perhaps the most common type of chips used in home games. You can easily buy these from your local chain stores. These chips also include a cut card, deck of cards and a dealer button. These chips are also colored effectively to the match industry standards.

Plastic Poker Chips

Plastic chips are the cheapest ones out there that are available in a round carrier. If you play poker games casually at your home or if you are on a tight budget then these can be perfect for you. These tend to be a bit heavier but are solid in color and are best for friendly games.

There you have it! Although there are certain other things you might need to consider before buying your poker chip set, the points mentioned here should get you started and help you buy your first poker chip set. So get to it and you will not have to play poker without chips ever again!

What kind of poker chips do you use? If you wish to add to the discussion, do leave your comment below!

Good luck at the tables!

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