Improve your focus at poker

When the unwanted and rag cards keep unfolding on your table, tilt is bound to happen especially if you are new to this game; and if it does, then with along with focus, you are also going to lose each and every chip in front of you. While you may know the basic rules of playing poker, in order to win the game you need to improve your focus on the game and learn how to play poker beyond the abc of it.

As per human psychology a human brain can focus only up to 20 minutes at a time, making losing focus while playing long hours in poker quite common. Unless you improve your focus at the poker table be rest assured that you are far away from being tournament ready.

So sometimes when you may feel giddy while playing a long game, here are a few things to avoid when you wish to escalate your game to pro level:

  • Tilt: Ensure that your mind is free from every distraction, if you don’t feel you are in right shape then just avoid because deficient approach can hamper the game, although you can always practise to work on it.
  • Boredom: You may feel bored if you are card dead for hours or the gameplay is such that you not getting priced to call your rag hands. In such an event, just take a break and regain focus, because in infinite cases, players have failed to notice moves and tell of their opponents, which they would have noticed during their best game.

Here are a few ways to improve your focus so that you learn how to play poker like a pro:

  • Analyse your opponent interactions from the first hand, track how he/she calls, raises or folds, also ensure to keep note of their movement and facial expression. This practice will keep your game on track and also to anticipate moves while keeping you focused.
  • Streamline your focus: Don’t try to focus on all opponents at the same time, which is simply absurd as by the time you get the drift of how they play, the game might get over. Try to keep tap on two strong players try to figure out when they defend blinds or try to raise you. Initially figuring this out will be time consuming but once you can anticipate such moves, redirect your focus on other players and always keep an eye to spot the fish in the group, as that is where your money is going to come from.
  • Talk to yourself: Do you know poker players talk to themselves (not loudly though), because they try to understand their hand from a third party angle. In this way you get an idea about the loops you left open in the last hand as well as you praise your skills.

The basic reason you lose money in poker is because lack of focus, you have to learn how to play poker without being affected by tilts. Don’t let your previous hand effect your current game, learn to handle stress of loss and bad beats, or else it will adversely affect your performance.


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