How to win at Poker?

Playing poker is not that easy and it will never be unless you practice. However, once you do practice on regular basis ,you will be able to visualize the course of actions on the poker table and know tactics on how to win at poker. It is quite obvious that every member on the table expects to win at poker, but unfortunately everyone cannot win at the same time. You need to have the patience and sheer skill set of grinding it out over time – putting your money in when you have it and protecting it when you don’t. Winning or losing a poker game is not just about appreciating your luck or blaming it, it is about learning when to throw your hand and when to shove it in – which is what a pro poker player does. If you ask a winner about his secrets for long term success, he may or may not disclose, but if you notice his game, his actions will speak.

So let’s get started and understand how to win at poker:

  • Concentrate on your game: If your mind is pre occupied don’t play. A pro poker player never plays when they can’t concentrate on their game. You just cannot afford to think of anything else other than your own hand, your reads on your opponents, betting sizes and making moves. You may feel agitated or vexed to the core if you get a continuous bad run of cards for hours, which is quite frequent if you are a rounder at the game, but the trick is to sustain yourself through such tide and sail when it subsides. Take a break, get up and walk around, leave the session and join in later, do whatever it takes you calm yourself down, but don’t push your luck on the average hand you got after hours of folding, just because they seem prettier than the preceding ones.
  • Observe the other players: While practicing your poker game, you can easily make out when a player is about to fold and when he is going to bet or raise the bet, concurrently you will also identify the weaker player, who are usually referred to as fishes. Usually, these players have no poker strategies while playing, and with them, you ideally need to adjust your game according to their behaviour as you never know on what basis are they raising the bet.
  • Elevate the game: Regardless of your sporting spirit never attempt to play all hands. Fold when you know there is no scope to dodge the game with your sagacious strategies. As a fact, keep your tilt aside, before you make any advances in the game. A pro player is always learning the actions of his opponents to elevate the game, apart from depending on his strategic notions.
  • Winner’s traits: When you are playing with a pro player always remember he is more of a businessman than a sportsman, hence outpacing him needs focus, consistency, discipline and definitely a little luck. Don’t expect to win the very first game, but do comprehend his traits to counter his playing strategies.

Poker is more about learning and developing playing skills rather than depending on the immutable hand. You just can’t think about how to win at poker games, in fact the more you play poker the better you get.. A pro poker player might be fast with his or her game but imitating that point blank will be a foolish thing to do, so keep your strategies simple and focus on the game.

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  1. Hey I am a beginner player and i found your blog really helpful!

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