How To Deal With Losing At Poker

Poker can be an exceptionally fun game particularly when you keep scoring big in cash games and tournaments. But what happens when you get poor hands, hit zero flops and beaten by inexperienced players? Losing at poker tournaments in India can be one of the worst feelings you will ever experience. However, if you start letting bad beats affect your game and your reactions then you are in for a rapid downfall my friend.

Today we are going to take a quick look at how you can deal with losing in poker and get back your winning streak. Read away…..

Stop Loss Strategy

When you are losing in poker, it becomes crucial that you know when and where you need to stop. Winning cash games and poker tournaments in India will undoubtedly boost your self-confidence, however losing a few hands can not only adversely hit your confidence level but also seriously affect your game. You don’t want to transform a losing session into a losing streak that lasts for weeks, months or even a whole year. Hence, the smartest thing to do is to set a limit for both tournament buy-ins and cash game stacks. This stop loss strategy will guide you and enable you to maintain your optimal level. When you play your best possible game with single minded focus, then the losing streak will not last for long.

Bankroll Management

Yes, you have been told about the importance of proper bankroll management many times before but that’s how crucial it is for any serious poker player. It is very easy to maintain your bankroll when you are winning at free poker tournaments, but it’s a completely different ball game the moment you start losing. Make sure your bankroll has provisions for daily expenses and in case you lose a chunk of your bankroll then you must step down levels. Ineffective bankroll management is one of the main reasons why most pros go broke. The more you practice BRM and follow it properly the better you will be able to cope with losses.

Think Long-Term

Had really bad night at your fav poker room? Well, if you are a pro or wish to become a pro player then it should never bother you in the long term. I am sure you have played poker tournaments in India long enough to realize that the game is never one cash-game session or just one tournament. It does not matter how much you have lost in one session or one tournament but how much you have won throughout your poker career. And trust me the answer will far exceed the loss of one cash game. It all depends on having a positive outlook and focusing on the long term.

Have a Break

When you start losing some serious money you often feel tempted to poker tournaments in India even more to recover that money. But the best advice I can give you is to take a break from poker as a losing session can not only affect how you play but also affect your emotions. And in such a situation it is best to stay away from poker & enjoy your life by being engaged in other activities. Catching some downtime is often an excellent way to cope with your poker losses. You can spend some time with friends and family, watch some movies, read a book, play some other sports etc. Whatever you do just make sure you are emotionally detached from your previous losing session. This will help you rejuvenate and empower you to play better in the long run.

Evaluate Yourself

Analyzing and reviewing your own game can be rather frustrating but it will surely make you a lot better at your game. When you evaluate your game for mistakes and study your every move you will realize where you need to improve. Video record your games and study your mistakes in each session. Having an analytical point of view will help you overcome short term losses and make long term gains.

As they say ‘tough times don’t last, tough people do’. So make sure you grind through your losing streak and play  your best at all times.

Good luck at the tables!

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