Dhaval Mudgal signs as the first team pro for Pokermet

The young gun in poker, Dhaval Mudgal is a pro player to watch out for in today’s poker-field and he has come a long way, since he started. It seems just yesterday (which was actually back in 2013), that Dhaval was featured in PokerGuru’s young gun series, and now, looking at his hendonmob profile, we can see a long list of cash wins dating as far back as 2010. But this still does not define Mudgal’s poker accomplishments comprehensively.

Mudgal has spent 11 long years now in the Indian poker industry; it is definitely a considerable chunk of time in the practice of any skill, especially something as complex as poker. Here is a look at his long and impressive journey starting from a rookie online poker freerolls player to a pro, mentor and now the first team pro for Pokermet.

Dhaval’s accomplishments:

Dhaval is now a confirmed regular player at most big poker events in the far-east region with several scores to his name. When speaking about his past few years Dhaval said, “I believe 2015 was definitely my best year, I found it absolutely crazy and there was a lot of consistency and a whole lot of travel involved. I had put in massive volumes in 2015 and 2016, had been traveling constantly and now that I think of it, it was not very easy but it was still great fun while it lasted.”

He greatly emphasizes on his learning curve and how he kept at it, despite challenges, “I attended my first WSOP in 2016 which was obviously a huge highlighting event, but it is true when they say Vegas teaches you a lot of things. I was there for about a month, had reached around the time of the monster stack event and had stayed there till the end. However, finishing 50 away from the money in the main event and playing three full days to make it to Day 3 in the very first attempt at the Main Event is definitely a huge deal. I learned how to pace myself in such a tournament as big as the World Series and this was definitely a major highlight as well as a major disappointment at the same time because I came so close to the money.”

He concludes his thoughts on poker by saying, “The thing that one can control is to sit down and put more work especially, when one is going through a downswing to come out better. That is what I also want to do, and hope that all other guys who take the game seriously should also do so. So, even when it is a downswing I try not to complain as that is a part of the game that I cannot control anyway.”

Source: Pokerguru

Our hopes with Dhaval Mudgal and how he adds value to our team pro:

Aditya Das, the man behind Pokermet reflected candidly in a recent interview given to Pokerguru that Dhaval packs in a lot of virtues that team Pokermet seeks within their brand ambassador. The perfect blend of calmness and composure mixed with his exemplary poker gaming skills, along with his fun-loving persona as he is also a talented musician exhibits Pokermet’s very own message about poker gaming and lifestyle.

Dhaval has already added a lot of value to Poker in India and now he will add significantly to pokerMet by being our team pro, by just being himself and we hope to have him be so for a long time!

Author: Pritha Biswas

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