Give your brain a workout! Try solving our poker-themed crossword puzzle

Here are the hints to the words, feel free to leave your answers in the comments sections below. You can also leave your responses at our social media channels. Note that all the words in the crossword puzzle are poker themed, so get your poker jargon practiced and don’t peek into the poker dictionary! And if you are looking for a safe and secure site to play poker online in India, just click on the Play Poker button on the right!



2. Tickets to these get you into big boys’ leagues (8)
5. Flows wherever it wants (5)
8. Meet player at his pace to affirm your space (4)
9. It’s do or die (3, 2)
11. The best you could do with all they gave you (4)
12. When you know you’re an imposter (5)
13. I rather _____, than lose (4)
15. They say it’s like sex (5)
18. When the lowest becomes the highest (4,4)
19. The bridge for your shirts (6)
20. You lift yourself for others to fall (5)


1. You play when it’s your… (4)
3. A rare occurrence (5, 5)
4. Two of twos (6)
6. You must pay to play
7. You know life’s going to be a drag with this hand (4)
10. Gross box office failures (4)
14. Faces where there are no kings, queens or aces (5)
16. Step by step, this is the shortcut to success (9)
17. No-one can’t eat just one (5)

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