Poker Secrets Revealed: 8 Must Read Poker Secrets

What do you need to become a legendary poker pro? You play for hours online, you have read most of the best poker books, watched hours of poker tutorials on YouTube still you are not being able to reach your true poker potential. Why? In poker, as you have a very small edge over others you will need to utilize every bit of advantage available at your disposal just to survive. Pro Indian poker players know how to boost their chances and reduce their risks in every poker situation. So here I am going to reveal some closely guarded secrets...

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Superheroes and Poker: 7 Superheroes Inspired by the Game

Being one of the most exciting skill games, poker has certainly inspired a number of comic book creators to breathe life into some of the most loved superheroes and supervillains. Just like the game, these comic book characters are often complex, unpredictable, erratic and yet strategic. Some of these characters are directly inspired from the cards, while some others have their backstories linked with the game of poker. So today we are going to take a look at some comic book heroes and villains from both Marvel and DC universe that are associated with or based on poker. The Joker...

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You can win even when you lose with proper bankroll management

The principle of bankroll management is imperative to becoming a successful poker player. Without the skill of proper money management even the most successful poker pros or entrepreneurial geniuses would just go broke. However, before we get started with the intricacies, here are the basics of bankroll management for the game of Texas Hold ‘em. 20 buy-ins for No Limit Hold ‘em 300 big blinds for Limit Hold ‘em 40 buy-ins for sit and go tournaments Bankroll Management: What is it? Often abbreviated within the poker community as BRM, bankroll management put in simple terms is where one plays within...

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The Most Awesome Amazing Stupendous Way To Have The Perfect Poker Face

Rejected titles for this post: How Having A Good Poker Face Saved My Life The Day I Almost Died I Am Not Ashamed For What I Did (Or May Be I Am) How do you get the perfect poker face? How can you have an expressionless face to get an upper hand over your opponents at poker…or even at life? Well, you can find countless articles on the internet that will give you some great tips to get that ‘poker face’ plastered on…well…your face! So I am just going to skip all that and get to the ‘Most Awesome Amazing...

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