Sniffing out a bluff in pre-flop hand reading!

Each and every Poker tournament strategy taken by poker players at the table be it online or offline reveals great deal of information about their holdings and enables any savvy hand reader to zoom-in on his range of possible hole cards. That is why it is often much easier to figure out what a player has in Texas Hold’em poker. it can be on the river or the flop. The flop does a lot to define a hand in hold ‘em, which many newbie players do not bother to think about, what their opponent may have until they have seen...

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5 No-Mess Easy Recipes for Your Poker Night

So you are planning an amazing poker tournaments in India at night for the New Year’s Eve. You have invited all your friends and made all the necessary arrangements to play your favorite game till the wee hours of the first day of 2018! But all this playing and partying on the last night of the year is sure to make you feel hungry. Hunger Makes You A Bad Poker Player Of course you can order some pizza or Chinese from your local food joint simply by tapping on some food delivery app. BUT…there is BIG problem that you need...

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Go without your ego at the next poker game! Here’s why…

Read the book Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday? I guess you will agree with me that you cannot carry your ego to the poker tables! For more poker news in India read the article and get the link. As for everyone else, it is noteworthy to know that our ego often leads us to a wrong path in life, while in our pursuit of success. While this is the main lesson the book had to offer, for a poker player this lesson is all the more essential to be carried into the poker table. Here’s a very common poker experience...

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How different is the personality of a poker player?

In poker emotional stability is the name of the game! It is the key to long-term success as a poker player. Okay, so you know when to hold ‘em and when to jump and fold ‘em! But do you have the emotional temperament to follow through on that basic strategy behind the game? Can you keep at it even when the stakes are really high and the pressure is on? Read more of these articles at online poker news in India to more about poker players. Now, Let's take a look at the factors below: In a recently published study, which examined the...

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