Improve your focus at poker

When the unwanted and rag cards keep unfolding on your table, tilt is bound to happen especially if you are new to this game; and if it does, then with along with focus, you are also going to lose each and every chip in front of you. While you may know the basic rules of playing poker, in order to win the game you need to improve your focus on the game and learn how to play poker beyond the abc of it. As per human psychology a human brain can focus only up to 20 minutes at a time,...

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How to win at Poker?

Playing poker is not that easy and it will never be unless you practice. However, once you do practice on regular basis ,you will be able to visualize the course of actions on the poker table and know tactics on how to win at poker. It is quite obvious that every member on the table expects to win at poker, but unfortunately everyone cannot win at the same time. You need to have the patience and sheer skill set of grinding it out over time – putting your money in when you have it and protecting it when you don’t....

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