The Secret To Playing Better Poker: Sleep

So you have invested innumerable hours online playing poker, read all the best poker books, finished all the data on your phone watching video tutorials and poker pros play on YouTube, but still you feel like there’s more to do to hone your poker skills. Actually there is one thing that you can do right now that will greatly boost your poker game: SLEEP! Believe it or not, getting more sleep can actually help you to become a better player and win big at poker tournaments in India. Sleep To Succeed The Dalai Lama believes that sleeping is the greatest...

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PokerMet’s Friday Poker Night with GetNerdy a Hit Gala at Work!

Last Friday was a busy day for the team at PokerMet… we rushed to the designated venue for our corporate poker night at Unitech SEZ, New Town around noon. The cafeteria at the busy IT Company was booked for our event for the afternoon welcoming participation of all the employees as a fun way to celebrate TGIF at work after a long work week. While the team anticipated the happy participation of roughly 30 people, we were completely bowled over with a crowd of almost 100+ awaiting excited participation. The HR department had been sending out invitations for the event...

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Poker Talks: breaking down multi-level thinking

What’s the one thing common about everyone playing at a poker table be it playing online poker freerolls or live games? Everyone’s trying to out-smart or out-think the others in order to rob them of their stacks! They are all trying to be one step ahead of you at all times. And that is why you must be able to think clearly in different situations and be sharp on your ‘hands’ to act upon them right. Multi-level thinking helps poker players piece together different pieces of information to build a bigger picture of how each opponent is playing each hand...

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Hosting the perfect gentleman’s poker night: What to Serve Part I

Ah poker nights! A time where men can be men with loads of deep fried munchies, refreshing drinks, taking money from your friends without the feeling of remorse in all good fun and last but not the least time off from all the boring work meetings and household errands! Hosting a poker night is the perfect display of manhood and thus, comes with a lot of pressure of doing it right! Poker in India is gradually becoming a popular recreational mind sport, so go ahead and impress your friends. Imagine the manliest version of Brie from Desperate Housewives trying to...

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