PokerMet on the news!

Within just a couple of months after our launch, PokerMet’s UI with special weapons animations and interactive social gaming has already made it to the headlines. While a small online press coverage within the infinite vastness that is the internet may not be a highly celebratory occasion. However, Team PokerMet is psyched to have had some recognition of its hard work within the deep dendrites of the human network. We hope to keep up the good work with many more new and interesting features in the near future as promised to our players. You can read the complete press release...

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PokerMet at HIFITour: Congratulations to the winners

Kolkata was the proud host of one of the most notable poker events of the country – The HIFITour by the Indian Poker Association. The IPA is a poker room situated at the coveted area of Park Street. Initially known for its cash games, the series also hosts intriguing tournaments to attract poker players of varying skill sets. This year two tournaments were held at the IPA HIFITour Kolkata which took place on the 24th and 25th this past week. The first was the warm-up event of INR 5,000 and the main event was held the next day of INR...

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Announcing the winners of HIFITour Package

Our HIFITour satellite events cleared out with 6 winners who won the golden ticket to the HIFITour series to be held from tomorrow onwards at IPA Kolkata. Here are the 6 players who won the ticket to HIFITour: 1. Aditya Kumar, Poker Name: Aditya 2. Aakash  Agarwal, Poker Name:  Guardian 3. Mayank Daga, Poker Name: AlwaysLimp 4. Nandan Bhandari, Poker Name: URMyBank 5. Rahul Khanna, Poker Name: Aarkay 6. Shrey Khanna, Poker Name: Theroar Our HIFITour satellites had two main satties of INR 1650 and INR 2100 held on alternate days and on the last day of the satellite there...

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Robots will soon have a stronger poker face than us humans!

You may believe that at a game of chess between you and a robot, you could be at the losing end! Why? Because the game of chess is a perfect information game, where both the players can see the entire board and attempt at anticipating every move! So, the fact that an AI (artificial intelligence) can master it is a reasonable prospect. However, poker is a different ballgame altogether, it is a game of imperfect information which requires a higher reasoning ability. And this was considered to be a human-only trait, until now that is! You can now play online...

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