Tips to Look Comfortable and Win Poker Games with Style

Worried about the poker gaming night and the dress code that matches your personality? You landed at the perfect page. Take an insight in to the details of the dress code that might serve your purpose well. Question that might lurk at the back of your mind regarding the poker tournament are – is there any particular dress code for the table game? The fact is one needs to look presentable at least and at the same time must not give out a negative vibe to any one present at the games. Let’s take a look at the idea of...

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Why You Need A Poker Break Before You Go Broke

It’s true we all love poker. But sometimes we can also hate the game. You know what I mean. Millions of players across the world enjoy playing the game and today over 100 million people globally play poker more than tennis or golf. Why? It is the perfect combination of passion, thrill and profession. Poker is challenging and fun, yet it allows you to make a living simply by playing the game. However, there are some occasions, when playing poker can feel the exact opposite. It can be a cruel game that can be very frustrating especially when you are...

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The Ugly Face Of Poker Tilt: 5 Great Ways To Fight It At The Table

All of us have been there when a flip drives us to the edge and we get so annoyed by an opponent that we simply lose it and all our good judgment disappears which eventually affects our bankroll. As you have guessed it right, I am talking about Poker Tilt today. Although many of us believe that a tilt is a bitter reaction to bad beats the truth is a tilt can appear in various guises and forms. As most veteran players know, the less familiar forms of tilt can be as lethal as the more visible ones. As the...

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The Evolution of Modern Poker & It’s Phenomenal Rise in India

Poker is one of the fastest growing mind sports in India today. With the growing demand for the game and mushrooming online and live poker rooms, it looks like the Indian poker scene is getting bigger and grander by the day. But what are reasons behind this phenomenal growth of poker in India? Today we take a look at the origins of poker and how it has become one of the most popular games in India. What is Poker? Poker is a globally popular card game which involves individual play & betting. Several poker tournaments are organized worldwide with numerous...

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