What Is The Best Sunglass For You To Wear At The Poker Table?

More and more pro poker players across the world are now wearing sunglasses at live poker tournaments. Just walk into any happening poker room in your city and you will see around 30-40 per cent of the pros wearing sunglasses at the table. Most players wear shades to conceal their eyes and even to intimidate others so that they can rake in the big win. Although there is a big debate whether wearing sunglasses at table is a good idea, today we are going to skip all that and simply focus on what are the best sunglasses for you at the table.

Put Your Shades On

So if you are one of the players who prefer wearing glasses at live poker tournaments in India, then you are at the right place my friend. Just because your main goal is to hide your eyes from your opponents that do not mean you will wear anything you get your hands on. The right pair of sunglasses will not only help you win, but also make you look stylish, intimidating and simply awesome while being comfortable all the time.

With that in my mind, I decided to explore the best sunglasses for any poker player to wear at live free poker tournaments that will actually boost their game. I evaluated the glasses on a number of factors like-

  • Style
  • Comfort
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Visibility of hole cards
  • Visibility of eyes
  • Visibility of the table

So here is the list of 4 best & coolest sunglasses made for playing poker:

Jonathan Little Platinum Edition by Blue Shark Optics

The Blue Shark Optics Jonathan Little signature platinum editions are on the top of my list for best poker sunglasses for good reason. Priced at $169 (Rs.10,970 in Oct 2017), these are undoubtedly among the best glares you can put on at the table. There is a wide range of styles and frames you can choose from to suit your specific poker needs. The lens has ‘Crystalion-3’ coating which not allows you to see much better than any other sunglass. Your opponents will simply not be able to detect your eye movement. These are also high in comfort with adjustable nose pads and spring hinges. Blue Shark state these offer “style and sporty sophistication” and are specifically “meant to be worn by a champion.” I guess that says it all.

Aviator Flash Lenses by Ray Ban

Can you ever go wrong with the legendary Ray Ban Aviators? Nope! These classic shades cost around $170 (Rs.11035 in Oct 2017) and have been one of the most preferred sunglasses for poker players) and everyone else for that matter) for a good reason. These shades not only look great on you but also work effectively. The Ray Ban Flash Lenses boast bright mirrored lenses which offer you crystal clear vision while protecting your eyes from the preys at the green felt table. These are available in a number of styles and colors and you can just pick one that makes you look like the Indian Poker Champion that you truly are.

Prizm Baseball Flak Jacket by Oakley

When it comes to sunglasses Oakley are certainly top of the line. Today you can find many globally renowned sports stars and athletes proudly wearing Oakley glasses and just looking damn awesome. The Prizm Baseball Flak Jacket is an exceptional sunglass that makes you feel like a superstar the moment you put them on. Priced at $170 (Rs.11035 in Oct 2017), the glares have polished white frames with shiny mirrored lenses. You can also choose from an array of color to suit your personal style. These are unbelievably lightweight and that means you can keep wearing them even hours after grinding at the table. These not only hide your eyes and give you clear bright vision but also make you look super stylish and intimidating to your rivals while playing live freeroll poker tournaments.

The Secret Agent by Poker Armor

Effectively priced at $58.95 (Rs.3826in Oct 2017), The Secret Agent by Poker Armor is a nifty little sunglass that offers you complete protection with the highest level of comfort. Among the 3 specifically made for poker sunglasses from this reputed brand, The Secret Agent is considered to be the most comfortable glares out there for poker pros. So if you play live poker tournaments in India that can last for hours, then its super lightweight frame can make your game play a bit easier and enjoyable.

So there you have it!

Apart from these, there are many other cheap alternatives that you can find in the market, but for me these were the best. Let me know what you think about these in case you have already tried them. Or if you want to add to the list then simply type away in the comment section below.

Play smart and play well. Good luck!


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