Aaron Paul defeated in poker by Cristiano Ronaldo!

Surprising poker news for many, as the information about footballer Cristiano Ronaldo winning £15,000 over Breaking Bad Star Aaron Paul for a charitable cause, surfaced the internet. This was a major highlight of PokerStars’ latest web series that puts famous global savants in different fields against each other, in a crazy high stake one-on-one duel.

Aaron Paul popularly known for his role in the hit TV series Breaking Bad as Jesse Pinkman went up against the former forward for Manchester United in an episode of the web series which still generating millions of views from lovers of both sports, poker as well football!

Ronaldo held his poker hand for the charitable cause Save the Children, while Aaron held his for the Kind Campaign. The other notable figures that were present at this web series match were – Neymar winger for Barcelona, he played for the Neymar Institute, John Boyega the on-screen character in Star Wars, Sara Sampio Victoria’s Secret model, and Miss World Mireia Lalaguna Royo.

As reporters asked Cristiano about his experience with this poker game for the web series, he gave a big smile of deep satisfaction with the setup of the whole event and also took to comparing this adrenaline pumping game with his usual sport football.

Cristiano said, “I find it really exhilarating when involved in a sport that involves testing your opponents, and this is one of the major reasons why I find poker so entertaining and have a deep love for the game”.

“Poker definitely gives me a similar rush which I ordinarily feel in the football ground. The duels were very testing for me and I thoroughly enjoyed them.”

This match was held during the time when our favorite footballer was out of the Euro 2016 Champs, as he was recovering from knee injuries. He had to limp out of the field during the match against France during the first half of the game and it may be safe to say that he made up for his ‘losses’ at the poker table!

Here’s hoping we will see more famous faces at the poker table in the future, wrestling their brains at this game! It’s time we had such exciting poker tournaments in India as well with some celebrities and sports legends coming together to play poker cash games online or even live freeroll poker tournaments. However, it still seems like a distant dream. Until then you keep playing and winning at Pokermet.com.

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